Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Small child in road traffic accident

The good news is Roger is back on the road! My cute little mini had a bad attack on subframe blues but my hero Mutley decided to spend some money and have him mended.

The bad news is I am still waiting for the pay out from the road traffic accident I had a year ago when I hurt my neck and my car was written off. I can't believe how long the government takes to deal with these issues.

Admittedly the other driver did a runner because he hadn't got any insurance and he didn't own the car, they are still trying to locate him.

I am still helping out at the local primary school teaching the 5, 8 and 9 year olds and it is great fun! I'm still trying to get to the bottom of the stories about a Roman Path across the Orwell Estuary in Suffolk, which I have been reporting on BBC Radio Suffolk.

My next step is to set up a pottery or get involved in the old local pottery here called Seven Springs. I have lots of ideas to create some new ceramics, so I'm excited about getting my hands dirty again.

The new home is great. We love the garden although the cold wet weather is now with us. We have three sheds would you believe, two are old outside toilets, without the toilets of course!

The street is quiet and close to the school. So quiet people walk up and down the middle of the road. This I realise is misleading as when a car does come along they go fast.

Only last week a small child was knocked down outside our house.

He was knocked down by a van on the way home from school, we heard the scream from his mother who picked him up and held him. He was unconscious apparently.

The ambulance and police arrived and I went out to investigate only to find his painting and cardboard 'sculpture' abandoned between our cars. Then I heard the sound of the air ambulance above.

As it landed in the field a couple of streets away people came out to see what was going on. I could see the little boy was ok in the back of the ambulance lying on his mother but looking around to see what the fuss was all about!

The doctor from the helicopter checked him out and left. Mutley and I went to watch the helicopter take off out of a huge bed of nettles! So dramatic..the noise was deafening.

The man in van was being sorted out by the police. If he was going the speed limit and the little boy ran out between the cars, what chance did the driver have?

I haven't heard anymore because it is half term. I took the painting and sculpture up to school afterwards so at least he will have them when he has fully recovered.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Oh no you are joking?

Roger failed his MOT.

Not only did he fail it, his bottom is dropping out! Rust rust rust, corrosion in the sub frame. Now he has only done 29,000 miles and he looks like this.

me and Roger

So we were surprised! To say the least.

Mutley has decided to mend him though. He gave the garage a spending limit. They are going to weld his sub frame back together.

We will then have to sell him. Roger will be ok for a couple of years if not longer.

I will go for something more sensibler like this:

the kit car Pictures, Images and Photos

Well in my dreams anyway!

I was sad to hear about Patrick Swayze. Dirty Dancing is an excellent movie and Ghost is even better. According to 'Sam' you take the love with you. I hope this is true. Bu hu.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Moving house and Maths

Roger has gone in for his MOT (Ministry of Transport Test), I hope he passes! It was due on the 4th September and I missed the date.

Not having had the Mini for very long I had failed to check the test date oops. Here I am waiting for the garage to phone with the result and the news I can go get him back.

I am surrounded by boxes owing to our endeavours over the weekend to pack up our belongings ready for moving house on Saturday. I still need more boxes as there still seems to be loads to pack!

I have been teaching at the local school, just up the road from the new house. I love it so much I have decided to take a GCSE O level in Maths. I have to have this to be a real teacher!

Oh and a GCSE in Science too if I want to teach 5 year olds in primary school. How ridiculous is that?!

I may have to make do with teaching media in a secondary environment up to 19 year olds. I start Maths on the 28th September near Cambridge and I quite excited about it.

But not as excited as moving house. We are still renting though but it is a small victorian cottage with a lovely garden.

We visited Mum over the weekend to pick up a few items. The cats are fantastic now, the new ginger kitten Rusty is lovely, so fluffy with a handsome face.


I just love this photograph of Pop and Mr Rusty.

Anyway wish me luck for Saturday!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Katie Price versus Arab women or should that be the other way around?

Last night Mutley said:

"Some Arab women wear the veils because many want to protect other women by not attracting their husbands and luring them away from them".

How arrogant is this?! I would never assume that I can attract a man away from another women although I know it happens.

I immediately asked him: "Why should women take the responsibility of men not being able to control their sexual desire for other women?"

This is also why arab men have more than one wife I expect. It all got me wandering whether arab men have a greater sex drive to western men and that is why their women have to walk around in public looking like bag women rather than showing off their beauty or ugliness respectively.

Are men animals or humans? If what Mutley say's is true then it sounds to me like they are animals! Unable to control themselves in public.

Maybe all arab women need to take a self defence class or become experts in martial arts to protect themselves from male advances.

But it also raises my awareness of how Arab women behave differently towards each other. Can you imagine a women in the West saying well I won't lure a man I love away form his wife, partner, girlfriend because I respect her to much.

Maybe women in the West don't respect each other as much as women in the East or maybe that is the difference between freedom and non freedom or just different religion or no religion at all.

Blaming women for rapes that take place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where they are imprisoned or stoned to death is completely unfair in my opinion. It is obvious that men blame women for they sexuality and the power it has over them.

Just because men don't like the power women have over them, doesn't mean women need to stop using their power to get what they need.

It be could be the case that Arab men have a low sense of self esteem and fear losing their women to other men. This is common in the west too.

I reckon that both women and men in the west sometimes encourage their husbands, partners, lovers to dress down so that they aren't able to attractive to the opposite sex.

I also believe that this is one of the main reasons why there a so many divorces and violence between the sexes. Jealousy is a very ugly emotion and often isn't controlled by men or women.

My mind soon started to compare the two 'world's', East and West. In the West we have Katie Price aka Jordan (irony of that name)I believe she uses her sexuality as a business to bring in million's of pounds.

This not only gives a woman with limited intelligence great wealth but power as a role model too.

Look at the jealousy and manipulation raging between her and Pete Andre during their split and the tit-for-tat revenge. Do the Arab nations deal with this is in a better way or a worse way by controlling how women use their sexuality?

Can you imagine throwing Jordan in jail for flashing her boobs at Piers Morgan television programme or can you imagine an Arab woman doing this on television? How insulted would you be?

As usual these are my opinions and ideas and not those of anyone I work for or with.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

A new home or kennel for Mutley!!

We went to view this cottage yesterday afternoon. It has a fab kitchen, bathroom and garden and a kennel I mean shed for Mutley!!

Only kidding of course but Mutley does like to behave like a dog! We usually treat dogs like humans I know but this is a reversal that Mutley is proud of.

Mutley loves to make things from wood and he intends to use the shed for his lathe.

At this minute Mutley is fast asleep on the sofa after being woken at 6am this morning from the children playing on the wooden floor in the flat above us. We first complained to the agency 6 weeks ago but they have done very little to sort out the problem.

We first saw this cottage last weekend and thought it had potential and although the bedrooms are small they have lovely sash windows, that probably rattle in the wind lol as they aren't double glazed!

Anyway we are both excited now because we have completed the paperwork and paid a deposit this morning. The references are being sorted next week.

As I type the kids upstairs are bouncing a ball on the floor. This family is so selfish and have no idea how their noisy behaviour is disturbing our peace.

Anyway we have handed in our notice and hope to be signed off within the next 6 weeks. We move in to the new place in two weeks.

We have no choice on the overlap because of the contract we signed for this flat. It stipulated that we could only hand our notice in for a month on the day we pay our rent, how unreasonable is that?

We should have complained about this at the time before we signed the agreement. Oh well we will learn the hard way but we aren't going to let this get in the way of a fab new home.

Friday, 4 September 2009

The Frankincense Trail

We watched some TV last night.

Kate Humble, a blond female BBC TV presenter went to Saudi Arabia.

That might sound perfectly normal to you but it isn't. Kate had to have a male escort, a Saudia Arabian called Dewi.

This is because no woman is allowed to be in the country alone with our a male relative or a male escort approved by the Saudi government. She had to wear an abaya, a black robe that covers the whole body.

All the other women she met were all wearing beautiful skirts and sexy blouses! But not in a public place..

Kate met a Royal Saudi Prince, one of the richest men in the world. She followed him into the desert where she met his fourth wife. They didn't mention that he is still married and living with the first three!

This Royal Saudi Prince gave money and goods, like cars, to the people who live in tribes in the desert. A huge queue formed and he gave away thousands of pounds or riyal of his own personal wealth.

His wealth comes from investing in businesses all over the world including The Sun newspaper, CNN and Citibank in the US.

Kate went to visit some arabian women who were playing basketball, in public in Jeddah. Apparently there are 20 female teams that play on private land in Jeddah.

The men disapprove but fortunately this doesn't stop them. The Koran doesn't say that women must not play sport so where does this disapproval come from?

Kate questioned Dewi about this and was close to insulting him. Did he deserve to be insulted for having different views of what was acceptable for women?

Saudi women aren't allowed to speak to any men other than relatives. If they are found by the religious police to be alone in the company of a man who isn't a relative they are stoned to death.

This wasn't mentioned on the programme.

Kate followed the frankincense trail around Saudi Arabia but wasn't allowed to visit Mecca. No foreign or saudi tourists can go there, I didn't know this.

She went to the Red Sea and she dived on a shipwreck that has only once been dived on before owing, according to her diving escort, to the paranoia! As Kate stripped off her abaya and dived into the water she said it felt great to be out of that 'blinking abaya'.

Well done Kate.

Things are changing though in Saudi Arabia, mainly I think to 9/11 and the blame they received. The secrecy of the country made them easy scapegoats.

Women are allowed to own a car now, but aren't allowed the insurance to drive it, but they do. Freedom is improving particularly in Jeddah but not so much in Riyadh the capital.

I wish our Queen would give away her private riches she makes through investments to her people as the Royal Saudi Prince does every month. They share their wealth.

In my humble opinion, if Saudia Arabia treated women equally it would be the best nation in the world, by far.

These are my views are not a reflection of any company or person I work for

Thursday, 3 September 2009

My Perfect Day

My perfect day would be spent on a sailing boat somewhere in the Mediterranean or the Indian Ocean.

I would take Mutley with me,


and the ships cats.


I would take my Mum


and my friends..


and my brother.

We would swim and snorkel in the sea

well maybe not my Mum!



Do some para sailing

some water skiing

and then watch the sun go down.

Other Perfect Days:

Steph's Perfect Day.

You know who's Perfect Day.

Lee's Perfect Day.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Link to the radio piece this morning


You won't hear me til after 39 minutes has gone by. Rob and I are talking about this Roman Path across the River Orwell, Ipswich, Suffolk, UK.

Meanwhile back at BBC Radio Suffolk

I don't believe it! Only last week I gave up on my dream.

I told everyone on facebook, myspace and blogspot that I need a new dream and guess what happens?!

It all unfolded yesterday afternoon at around 5pm. I commented on my friend Rob Dunger's status about finding a Roman Path across the River Orwell in Ipswich, which is in Suffolk on the East coast of England.

The River is beautiful and I spent many a happy hour last year interviewing folk who live around or on the estuary for BBC Suffolk's website

click here.

I wrote under the Places and then River Orwell pages and also the Made In England section.

Anyway, after I left a comment on facebook about the exciting discovery, Rob left a comment asking if I would go to the studio to talk to him about the River Orwell live on the radio. At first I was a little wary as the piece was scheduled for 5.50am today.

But I was mightily tempted and when Mutley arrived home he immediately said I hope you have accepted! So I commented to Rob that I would be there.

Even though it meant getting up at 4.00 am!! I now live 80 miles from Ipswich which is a good hours drive on our roads.

I had a chat with Rob on IM at 10pm last night and then went to bed having made some notes about what I wanted to say. There is lots to talk about and I was able to find a little more information about the Roman Path, but the feature only lasted 5 minutes tops!

You can listen again from the homepage above if you click on Rob Dungers programme. I was on about 40 minutes into the programme.

I have to say I missed the first alarm this morning and managed to wake myself up enough to get up at 4. After a shower I could have left at 4.15 if I had been able to hurry!

Mutley listened online and he said I sounded cool and professional, which really gave me a boost.

It was lovely to see Rob again after almost a year away from the station. I also got a kiss from Mark Murphy, the Breakfast Show presenter welcoming me back so I was well chuffed.

Rob has asked me back on his programme next Wednesday to talk about something else on the River Orwell so that is ace!

You can read the feature I wrote last year and what I talked about this morning here it is called

Keeping The Wet Dock Wet.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

A fracka with the neighbours and a bike in the hallway

What a lovely Bank Holiday weekend we had!

Saturday was spent sorting Roger's rust out. Only a couple of patches under his arm pits!


Here we are! This was taken at Bedfordshire Classic Car Show a couple of months ago.

On Sunday we went to Knebworth Classic Car Show again with the Dinky Devils Car Club. Our friends Carolynn and Dave are brilliant but we just find the show's a bit repetitive and boring, not to mention cold and windy.

We went without coats as the weather was fine and sunny in the morning, but as the day wore on it got colder and by 10am I was beginning to feel bone cold. Luckily there was a secondhand clothing stall there and I spotted this lovely sheepskin coat.

I thought it is bound to be expensive and I was even sadder when I tried it on and I couldn't do the buttons up! I asked how much and the man waved 5 fingers in the air.

I looked at him and said £5 in disbelief..he said YES! So we bought it. It kept my back and butt warm all day!

As it started to drizzle we left.

Yesterday started badly with the usual noisy neighbour problem. The flat above us has laid a wooden floor and they have two small children.

It actually sounds like we live below a herd of elephants and sometimes there must be half a dozen people stampeding overhead. The children like to bounce their ball first thing in the morning and this usually wakes Mutley up when he is trying to catch up on his sleep at the weekends.

We also bought a new bicycle on Saturday and this neighbour is part of the residents committee and when my partner bumped into him on Monday he asked us to stop leaving our bikes in the huge stairwell of the flats.

So the new bike is currently sat in the hallway of the flat. We have bought a tub of flowers to put in the garden and have attached a chain to it so that we can secure the bikes to it.

Mutley took great pleasure in telling our noisy neighbour about the noise his children make on the wooden floor that he has so selfishly put down upstairs and how we had put in an official complaint about it.

Needless to say we are looking for a new home! We had been anyway but now we are seeing a cottage in the village on Friday. So fingers crossed that we get it..

Friday, 28 August 2009

Ten ways to save the planet (or should that be the human race?)

Re-use, Recycle and R??

Maybe restrain?

My ten are:

1. Stop using plastics or paper to produce packaging.
I see all these plastic bottles on the shelves in the supermarkets and reckon they are gonna take over the planet.

2. Stop cutting down trees
Trees along with other crops balance the carbons which cars, planes, dishwashers and anything electrical create.

3. Stop companies poluting the seas and the rivers

4. Stop building houses etc on green land

5. Stop building nuclear power stations

6. Use more wind and solar power

7. Use bags that can be recycled

8. Only use recycled paper for greetings cards and newspapers

9. Only use cars that are battery powered and make them financially accessible to all.

10. Reduce the carbon foot print with respect to travel

Any more? If you can add to the list please do! If you know of any other schemes that are in place then please add them too.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

I was justing thinking about how I could save the world once again when

I realised that I can't do it on my own.

I realised that it has to be a team effort. Where all the people on the planet join together as one big community and work together for the good of the whole rather than the individual or for financial gain.

This disillusioned me a bit (to say the least!) because I know that so many people are just looking after themselves. Financial and material wealth is all most people think about in order to survive..

Others think about keeping up with the neighbours and need 5 TVs and 4 cars.

I know that some people are blogging, writing books, walking, swimming or cycling (and many other things) to save the world. I first wanted to save the world when I was 8.

The weight of that task and responsibility has weighed me down ever since because I hadn't got a clue how to do it!

It wasn't until recently that I realised that I need to learn to trust life. To be positive about the journey that the human race is taking on this planet.

Where there is destruction, a kind of reparation usually follows. However sometimes it doesn't and it leaves us blocked in a destructive cycle.

Trusting life to unblock itself and not expecting so much from myself and the human race and accepting what "will be will be" is more real than expecting us all to work together in the harmony of one big team in my estimation.

Especially when we look around at all the different beliefs and cultures there are here on earth. Is it possible to believe we can all stop building on our beautiful green land or producing plastic bags that pollute the environment.

We can only do our best to look after this beautiful planet and trust that others will do the same. Are we arrogant to think that we can save the planet? Why not go with the flow instead?

What do you think? Should we be saving the earth from ourselves or trusting that after destruction there will be a new beginning?

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I'm in need of a new dream

I realised today that I haven't dreamed for a while now.

My dream use to be to work in radio for the BBC. Having done that, all be it as a writer rather than a presenter, and it not being to me what I thought it was I feel at a loss.

I wouldn't want to work for the BBC not anymore. For a variety of reasons I suppose, but mainly because they tell you what to write about and how to write it. There are so many legal obligations that any creativity is lost.

It is the same with the radio and television presenters, they are just channels for information.

Trained as a Fine Artist I made sound recordings, video and live performances. I know that I love music and playing my guitar gives me a lift, it is almost a sublime experience.

Today, I am also aware of my high expectations of myself. How I have driven myself to succeed in the past for fear of lots of things, rejection, face, loss in general.

I need to counter those expectations so that I live with less stress and more enjoyment. Having been duped by the mind into thinking that media is the place for me in the past, how do I know when a dream is from the heart rather than driven by the mind and it's foibles?

Maybe I will go out and buy a dream catcher!!!

So what is your dream? Does it come from the head or the heart?

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

I feel kind of strange today..

I hope I'm not pregnant!

But then again I would quite like to have a kid if it didn't mean losing my freedom at the same time. They are such cute little things aren't they children.

I worry about the fact that the planet is running out of natural resources and the ever growing mountain of rubbish in the tips. What sort of future is a child going to get in such a material world as this one?

All the material goods are now made in China and the money we spend in the high street stores goes to lining the pockets of the Chinese government who in turn are lending it back to the USA and the UK.

So what happens when we can't pay it back, I hear myself asking. I can just imagine the Chinese taking control and we all learn to speak Mandarin or whatever it is they speak. Communism at it's very best is taking over the planet because they don't need to pay their 'employees' very much money.

What a state of affairs! I actually pity any child born in this generation, I do hope I'm not pregnant!

Friday, 21 August 2009

No more sweets for me

I drove to the dentist and I was so nervous I forgot the crown! I hadn't gone that far before I had that feeling, you know the one when you've forgotten something. I went back to retrieve it from on top of the PC storage thingy!

When I walked into the surgery the dentist just said: "Have you got something for me?" On first examination she thought that it wouldn't be possible to stick the crown back on the remnants of my tooth but when I said I was broke she said she would give it a try.

I hope that these metal crowns aren't bad for me though! According to Steph's comment in my last blog! Today in her blog she is talking about what you would do if you had a billion dollars

Steph's blog

I would have my whole mouth furnished with enamel teeth!!

I also hope that they will start and replacing the metal variety with the proper enamel variety on the NHS real soon. Otherwise we have to pay hundreds of pounds for an enamel crown here in the UK.

I have sworn to Mutley never to eat another sweet...I don't want that to include chocolate though!! Although I have damaged my teeth on chocolate before now too! This is one area it seems where I fail to learn.

Only a few months ago I was eating a fruit salad and it pulled a huge filling out and I had to have a crown fitted! The fruit salad turned out to cost around £200!

My mother has similar issues with teeth and it is surprising how genetics play a huge part in what we inherit. Only yesterday (doh) she went to the dentist, after having a filling last week that started to hurt, to be told she had a abcess underneath it ugh.

She had to have the tooth that was already filled removed, in all this cost her over £200 and the filling turned out to be a waste of money. She has never had a crown instead she has a plate of false teeth, which I could never entertain.

So my future on the teeth front doesn't look overly rosy does it?! Has anyone in the US ever had false teeth rather than crowns?

Thursday, 20 August 2009

I am being crowned again today!

Oh drat and double drat!!

While out yesterday I took some hard boiled sweets with me to keep me going. The first one I suck was very sticky and maybe a little on the old side!

It in advertently stuck to one of my metal crowns, yes we are poor we can't afford the enamel ones, and pulled it right off my gum. Fortunately I didn't chew any further or swallow and I was able to save the crown itself.

This afternoon I am going to the dentist to have it stuck back on! You can only do this if it is whole and as it saves £200 then I am happy for the dentist to play around with the superglue in my mouth!

I can't understand how the crown is made of something that sticks to food in the first place. I would have thought that with all the fab techno around there would not have to make a cheap crown from something that sticks to sticky sweets like flies to a flypaper.

Have you any teeth stories? How do you like going to the dentist?

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Horses, ponies and me

I am completely poopt after going down the stables this morning! My friend Joy had to go and muck out so I went with her and two girls who wanted to ride.

I ended up leading this pony the girls wanted to ride while they rode. It only got naughty when you tried to get on, so I suggested that they put it in a corner of the yard so it couldn't turn around.

I remember my first pony Crackers (!) turned around and around and then nipped my butt when I launched myself into the saddle!! I had to use the whip to keep him off!

I don't personally like whips but just to ward a horse off with isn't so terrible.

I also managed to get kicked by one of the girls as she dismounted OUCH! It was fun to be involved with horses again albeit only briefly.

I need a rest now after walked up and down the road and then the field!! I hope to go again at some point as it really built my confidence, there is something else I know about other than writing and that's great!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The redemption of a drunken man and his bicycle

The first thing Mutley said to me when he got in from work last night was "My legs ache"(!) I laughed out loud and told him it served him right.

I said: "You told me you were only going to Bluegates Farm"!! He said he had changed his mind after checking to see if the Damsons were ripe he decided to head off to the next village three miles away.

He also commented that it was a lot further than he thought! And I thought especially when you are drunk riding a bike.

I told him I was furious over the 'mother' comment after all I had offered to pick him and the bike up when he had finished at the pub. He said it didn't sound like I was offering that service!

Is it men or just Mutley who don't listen when they are drunk! I reckon he is so accustomed to getting a bollocking from mother or wife he just expected that from me too.

After all this is the man who can circumnavigate London's underground rail network whilst drunk without getting on the wrong train! He has also been known to call in at the local pub before returning home, to get more drunk and not even remember it.

He said it was better to let him cycle all the way back from Mordon, but I don't expect him to change, not much anyway!!!

Consequently he didn't go anywhere on the bike last night and I told him he couldn't drive it ever again whilst drunk. Besides it defeats the object of losing weight by cycling, when you stop for a pint on route!

What do you think, have you ever had a drunken boyfriend, partner or spouse?

Monday, 17 August 2009

Alcoholic or reckless fun?

Yesterday being Sunday we spent most of the day in the pub. Well that's not strictly true I suppose.

The day actually started with Mutley putting a new saddle and hand grips on the push bike we have been given. He also lowered the seat so that I can touch the floor with my toes.

The bike is a little short for me and a lot short for Mutley, but this didn't stop either of us going for a spin around the countryside, one after the other. Down by Bluegates Farm and around back through the village I peddaled like fury trying to use the gears in the appropriate places.

I had to have a rest half way around and I chose one of the handy benches on the route once used to watch point to point. I lay on the bench breathing in the fresh air and feeling the sun on my face.

It was a warm day, a very typical English summer. When I rode along by the Rec I saw the footballers warming up and realised there was going to be a footie match.

So I suggested to Mutley that we go out and sit on the grass and watch. We soon realised that we knew one of the footballers. He had previously been engaged to one of the parish councillors in the village who ran the florists.

He had in advertantly taken a fancy to her friend who ran one of the pubs. They left their partners and are now an item.

She was sat with her friend watching so we joined her. Never having been more of a fan of the florists!!

After the match, which was won by the home team 6-1, we made our way to the pub (which she use to manage) there we had a couple of pints and a sandwich and chatted to the locals.

We then left and went to one of the other two pubs in the village and sat in the garden. There we met one of our neighbours who makes us laugh out loud with his daughter.

We chatted for most of the afternoon until around 6.30pm when they left and we went to the pub closest to home for one last one, or so I thought. There we chatted about our holiday to the Landlord and observed the Landlady who is going through a new lot of chemotherapy.

They left and so did we but Mutley insisted he wasn't hungry having drunk 7 pints of cider and he wanted to go out on the bike. I didn't want him to because he was so drunk so I gave him a glass of wine.

After I had cooked a burger for both of us he insisted he wanted to go for a spin. It was now about 8.15pm so off he went, completely legless as we say, "I will go to Bluegates Farm" where the last words I heard him say.

He had his wallet in his hand so I said you don't need your wallet then! I heard some scuffling but ignored it.

After half an hour darkness fell really quickly. I suddenly realised that the bike has no lights on it.

I rang him on his mobile and he told me he was in the next village in the pub there. I asked him why he was in the pub again when we had spent the whole day there.

No answer. Then I commented to him about the lights and that it was now dark and that maybe because he was drunk he should call me when he had finished and I would pick him and the bike up.

He said I sounded like his mother.

So I put the phone down and took my bag and as I had only had one glass of wine all day I drove Roger up the village to my friends house. They were sitting watching TV.

They asked me where Mutley was and I told them he had escaped!! Abducting my bike and gone to yet another pub. (I knew he had taken his money from his wallet) I said that I was concerned at his recklessness but couldn't do anything about it.

The best option was for me to get on with my life and let him live his.

I got a text message to say he had arrived home ok and where was I. I ignored it and went home at around 10pm to find him in his pit (bed). I watched the football(soccer) on Match of the Day and then went to bed.

He was pretty cuddly but I wasn't in the mood. Maybe I couldn't control him and felt really vunerable at his recklessness and maybe I was a bit worried that he maybe an alcoholic!

My friends suggested that he was just drunk and drunk men do silly things. I might confiscate the bikes padlock key, what do you think?

Friday, 14 August 2009

Blackpool un-illuminating

Mutley hates Blackpool, particularly the pleasure beach. I can see why with it's shabby shop fronts and dodgy hotels.

I suppose you could say I was just curious. Curiosity does kill the cat though!

I dragged Mutley to Lytham St Annes first which was pleasant enough. We had a lovely time wading out to sea. It was shallow water for about half a mile.


Blackpool looked quite pleasant from out at sea, you can see it just behind me on the skyline.

We also saw three Apache helicopters flying along the bay, which fortunately made Mutleys day. We photographed them and they came out like dots against the sky.

As we drove into Blackpool we saw the lights unlit as it was daytime. I couldn't force Mutley to come back at night time just to see the place lit up, I'm not quite that cruel.


The Blackpool Tower is rather good though and we would have gone up if it hadn't been for the price, £12 each. Same with the trams, I would loved to have got on one of the old ones but the price was steep at £6 each!

Then of course there are the horse drawn carriages. Fortunately for Mutley they don't interest me because of my fun with horses in the past.


The new promenade, predominantly concrete, actually was clean and ascetic to the eye. The three piers though are the ultimate eye sore in my opinion.


The roller coaster is huge and the wheel small but adds a strange traditionalness to the middle pier. My favourite bit is the trams, one of a few cities in the UK to have trams, and the sea of course. The sea makes up for a lot.


I suppose I came back to Blackpool for another reason besides curiosity. The first time I was here was with my Mum and the only time as a child I remember being on the beach with her.

My parents were farmers in the Midlands and we rarely saw the seaside as kids but had great time in the country instead.

The only reason I remember the first experience at 3 is because I got lost on the beach, apparently I was off doing my own thing!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

The Jurassic in North Yorkshire

Although I enjoy a nice walk in the countryside I am not a 'walker'. A walker will climb every mountain in the Lake District or Dale in Yorkshire or Derbyshire.

I like to tootle off down the road and maybe across fields near where I live, breathe in the fresh air, see the birds, the flowers and the insects. So it came as a bit of a shock to my system walking 5 miles up hill traversing steps going up and down in North Yorkshire last Sunday!

The http://www.ingletonwaterfallswalk.co.uk/>Ingleton Waterfall Trail was awesome. The rivers have cut steep paths in the rocks which I think are Gritstone and are slates that we use for roofing.

We started the adventure by passing through a large tall gate place, which was once a railway to carry slate to and from the quarries. We paid £4.50 each!

Parking up I just knew that the gardening the day before had taken it's toll on my legs and they felt like lead. Getting out of the car, I put on my sensible training shoes sensing that this could be quite an experience.

We sauntered off along the path with a small map specially printed, the size of a postcard. Not sure whether you are aware that steps, up and down, are often used to get fit.


Walking up the valley along the river we soon came across our first waterfall on the trail and yes it was pretty. However the path wasn't. It was strewn with stones and slate and quite uneven, so we weren't just traversing the steps but the uneven paths as well.

Much of the walk had wooden hand rails and a lot of the beautiful countryside had been covered with concrete to form a 'safe' path. This made it accessible to many different kinds of tourist.

They were all there in there thousands, sitting in the pools created by the waterfalls. There were many dogs wading around playing in the freezing cold water.


We walked to the top of one river to find a shed selling hot dogs and ice cream! We walked on resting regularly.

As we peaked at the very top I looked down the valley and there was a village in the distance. I said "Where's that then?" and Mutley said "Oh that's where we have come from!"

I looked at him in horror, it was then that he showed me the map and the distance of the trail was printed on the bottom. I read a loud "Four and a half miles" and "takes between two and a half and four hours to complete".

I felt scared. We were high up in the mountains by this time, they were towering around us. Mutley kept getting attacked by flying ants and huge flies, they kept landing all over his shirt.

He was getting mightily shirty at this!We bought an ice cream.

Then we started the long journey down the other river valley, which was even more dramatic than the first. It was a long tiring walk.

At the bottom of the valley nearing the end we came across a field and I just lay down flat for half an hour to recover.
br />

There were a lot of disgruntled people walking by complaining at spending money on such a grueling experience.

The National Trust 'own' this land and have created the trail and are raking in lots of money. What was distressing was that I saw no wildlife (except for the pesky flies and ants) which I put down to the dogs and the amount of people that have been attracted to the trail because of the concrete and wooden railings.

I was left wondering what it like before the National Trust turned it into a jurassic park.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Was it really a holiday?!

We arrived home from holidays today. We went to visit my partners parents in Lancashire. They cooked liked fury all the time we were there but it didn't make up for their obvious contempt for me.

It seems I am to blame for the break up of my partners marriage. My partner being completely incapable of telling his bossy and sexless wife where to get off, it had to be me that ordered the 'execution'! Of course it wasn't and I sent my beloved back to his wife on three occasions and during the last attempt at reconciliation on his birthday a couple of years ago he had a nervous breakdown and left for good.

I took great pleasure in informing his unpleasant mother all about it. I even told her that if it meant that his childish grown up kids could have a relationship with their father then they can happily blame me because I don't think I am missing much not having met them yet!

So yes I am turning over a new leaf. I am stopping letting the folk around me upset me, I am growing the Rhino skin that I was advised to grow while at the BBC.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Considering I was driving a car that's battery keeps failing it and the petrol tank is on empty, it wasn't a swell idea to go out tracking this man who hit me in my car. Especially as he had at first given me false details, he didn't have any insurance to drive the car and he drove off and left me at the scene.

I decided to take the scenic route, which was shorter than the motorway. Halfway there I found that Walken was closed, well the road through it was. I couldn't believe it.

I had to take a huge diversion almost to Ware before I could turn back towards Stevenage. It took me ages, a kind of procrastination maybe.

I certainly started to become nervous as I reached the town, but I soon realised that I wasn't going to be able to find the place from this direction. So I bottled out and went into town to change my Euros leftover from my holiday instead.

I parked in Tesco car park which was jam packed as usual because it is free (like almost everything else in there!! Only kidding) I wandered around the shopping centre looking at exchange rates and in the end plumped for 85p for each Euro.

I then took the money back to a tiny jewellery discount store where the real gold chains were incredibly cheap but beautiful and bought the Singapore link, an 18 inch one. It looks perfect with the amethyst my brother gave me.

I also bought a white blouse. Irronically this blouse was the same as the one I bought for interviews about 5 years ago in another shop and much cheaper. Job done I thought returning to the car proudly wearing the necklace.

As I got into Roger my first challenge was to beat the immobiliser and I have learnt that as soon as I shut the door I have to press the remote towards the flashing light. This is the only way otherwise I can sit there for half an hour trying to turn it off.

I turned the key with bated breath. Yes! He started. Relief!

Now I drove towards Walken from the town knowing that the road I needed was in that direction. I pulled down into the group of houses where the address he gave me was suppose to be.

47-90, 90-140 and where are 1-47 I thought. I drove around for a while and then I came across them (not where google earth said they were). My heart began to beat as I drove by once eyeing the place up.

There wasn't a number on the door but the one after it was 33, and the next 34 and so on. Outside on the drive was a Corsa but not the one that he was driving on the day of the accident.

No he had returned the keys to the owner that day after he had more or less written it off. There was also a taxi cab on the driveway and another parked outside.

I realised that maybe he is a taxi driver and he has commercial insurance which doesn't cover him to drive another car. This would also be why he was desparate not to lose his license if it was his way of life.

Anyhow I parked Roger up the next road from the house wondering what to do next. I couldn't see any activity there and thought it could be hours before he made a move to go to work.

Have the police ever knocked on his door or are they to busy catching speeding motorists I thought! At least I had found the address he had given me, it did at least exist.

I took the cab numbers off the cars and then drove home. I took a look at 192.com when I got home but according to that his name doesn't exist.

He must have given me a fake name too.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Mini or pushbike?

My dearly beloved re-charged Roger's battery overnight, what a sweetheart Mutley is. Now I just need to find out what it was that flattened it again in the first place.

It could just be cream crackered and I will have to buy a new battery. I seriously thought about selling Roger yesterday and looked at the cost of advertising on Mini World.

I have been looking at a mountain bike in the local shop and I think it would be one up on the roller skate!!!

Today I am going out to find the man who hit me in a car last October. If I can find the address he gave me I might be able to get a photograph of him.

It seems that the MIB (Motor Insurance Bureau) can't find him, or don't want to. That is my first stop today, then I am going to buy a new gold chain to replace the one I broke on holiday.

I will get around to blogging about my holiday real soon!

Monday, 3 August 2009

Bloody Roger!

I could kill that car and would if he were a human being!!! He conked out on me again today. His battery is dead as the proverbial Do-Do. I ran his battery down last month by accidentally leaving his headlights on. My darling partner dutifully juiced it and we were off again! This time I haven't a clue how the battery was flattened. We left him at the airport last week while we were in South of France and he started first time when we got off the plane. Perhaps he is sulking! I had lots planned to do today after being away on holiday last week. Never mind there is always tomorrow.