Monday, 12 September 2011

Blogs blogs and more blogs!

So how many blogs have you got now?!

I seem to be establishing rather a lot for different reasons. Not a problem as I love to write and can usually find something to say...boring or otherwise! Firstly, I blog here because it is high up the blogging scale on Google. Wendabubble is unusual so google likes it.

Secondly, I blog here because I focus my media ambition on the village where I live. Anything happens here in the positive then I blow a loud trumpet to some of the village that is electronically minded.

Thirdly, I now have my own personal website! YIPEEE! I'm seriously hoping it will find me some more work but who knows. It is of course terribly silly but it keeps you up to date with my silliness. 

Then there is my business blog, which is also a website. You can find it here Now I'm off to continue with some research because I really do need to write a novel.

So link your blogs below..lets do some blog busting!!

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