Sunday, 11 September 2011

Clairefest 2011 and A Nile Adventure by Kim Molyneaux!

Sunday 11th September 2011

I'm having a grand day! Colin has finished editing and has written the Clairefest video to disc. It looks fantastic! It you're interested in getting a copy then you can make a request here

You can also make a donation here
We hope to make a DVD of Kill Bill @ Clairefest too so that we can raise more money for the cause!

Next up is Kim's Book A Nile Adventure - Cruising and other stories. I was lucky enough to go to Egypt on holiday this summer and while we were cruising down the River Nile I met Kim Molyneaux who was writing a journal about her experience. I'm well excited about it and I've had the pleasure of writing the Foreword for the book. You can read an excerpt and all about Kim's book and the experience she had

We're off to Balstock later as I believe there's a local band playing at the Hen and Chicken at 5.30pm! I wonder who that could be......!