Sunday, 11 September 2011

Clairefest 2011 and A Nile Adventure by Kim Molyneaux!

Sunday 11th September 2011

I'm having a grand day! Colin has finished editing and has written the Clairefest video to disc. It looks fantastic! It you're interested in getting a copy then you can make a request here

You can also make a donation here
We hope to make a DVD of Kill Bill @ Clairefest too so that we can raise more money for the cause!

Next up is Kim's Book A Nile Adventure - Cruising and other stories. I was lucky enough to go to Egypt on holiday this summer and while we were cruising down the River Nile I met Kim Molyneaux who was writing a journal about her experience. I'm well excited about it and I've had the pleasure of writing the Foreword for the book. You can read an excerpt and all about Kim's book and the experience she had

We're off to Balstock later as I believe there's a local band playing at the Hen and Chicken at 5.30pm! I wonder who that could be......!

Monday, 25 July 2011

I've just eaten my first piece of chocolate.....

since I got back from Egypt...!
For those of you unfamiliar with traveling to Egypt getting the run's or the trot's if you prefer is an occupational hazard!! Sorry if I've offended my American friends with my bluntness!! 

Most of those who I met out there have returned home still suffering with rumbling guts having eaten something that's been washed in foul water. Why is the water foul? 
 Well that probably has something to do with the amount of refuse dumped (scuse the pun) on the side of their waterways, all except the River Nile where there wasn't one sign of a single piece of litter. I wonder why that was?!!
The consequences of eating one piece of fruit or lettuce that has been washed in something hazardous is something similar to gastroenteritis. Fasting prevails and so therefore I haven't eaten a proper meal for a whole week. 

Seven days is a very long time to go without a piece of chocolate in my book. Worse than this they didn't have consumable chocolate there either so it's been a 3 weeks!!! 

I believe this is a certain punishment for having enjoyed the beauty of The Nile from a very decadent place. 
What makes it worse the locals where living like this:
in mud huts, catching fish with spears and riding donkeys   
but they do have satellite dishes and mobile phones! They also have some great ways of moooving their cattle around the place!  
 And seeing them ploughing the field was like stepping back in time. Their cattle don't stand in the field they stand in The Nile to keep cool after a hard days work pulling a hand driven plough.

The whole experience certainly made me feel a tad guilty. I can only console myself that at least we had the guts to go there and spend our money, which is desperately needed in the current Egyptian economic and political climate. 

There are usually 600 river ship's cruising up and down The Nile and there were only 15 last week. Of course I'm so relieved that we didn't get lots of other ships on the river.

I'm sure I will manage to get over my food poisoning with the help of Arsen Alb 30c and Dioralyte! (both from the chemist) After just 2 Imodium I was sick.

I mean how do the Egyptians cope?! When I feel bad I just think about them and their 40C heat....! Lucky them. 

Have you ever had food poisoning? How long did it last and how did you cure it?

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Daily Doins From Wendabubble: What's on in Ashwell, Hertfordshire....?

Daily Doins From Wendabubble: What's on in Ashwell, Hertfordshire....?

What's on in Ashwell, Hertfordshire....?

Ashwell Summer Dance
Saturday the 16th July 2011 at 8:30pm
St Mary's church
A stunning venue with a 'welcome' drink supplied and a local band playing until 10:30pm. Then a DJ to rock you through the night!! Canapes available!

Preview Friday 22nd July and then
Tuesday 26th July – Friday 5th August
ASHWELL GALLERY, Dixies Barn, High St, Ashwell, Herts. 01462 743366
Exhibition of Drawings, Paintings and Prints

Bank Holiday Monday 29 August 2011, 8.30am – 5pm
Elbrook Meadow, Ashwell, Herts
70 years and 10,000 visitors a year later the show still attracts people from far and wide. Well known for its horse show Ashwell has won village of the year for North Hertfordshire.

ClaireFest 2011
Saturday 3rd September 2011
Elbrook Meadow, Ashwell, Herts
  • Danyl Johnson
  • Doctor and the Medics
  • Scarlette Fever
  • The Rockabellas
  • Black Dog
  • Maxwell, Hammer and Smith
  • Monaco Bears
  • Raya
  • Kill Bill
  • Alex Holmes
  • The Mother Folkers
  • Reloaded
  • Fingerprint
The Claire Stanley Trust is devoted to helping raise money for research into cancer treatments, equipment for treating or curing cancers and generally to help in any way possible to extend people’s lives or at least improve their quality of life. Get your tickets  Adults £16.00 Children £8.50.

If you would like to advertise an Ashwell event on this eflyer please contact

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Bees, Penguins and Bonios

Feeling better today, the lurgy has left me!

Kill Bill rehearsals are said to be buzzing with the 3 new covers they're performing for the first time at Clairefest, I've asked them not to kill any bees.

There will be a best dressed Kill Bill penguin competition at Clairefest. I love fancy dress but I can't seem to find a costume that fits me *scratches head*.

Tomorrow I'm going to post a What's On Guide for Ashwell, so if there are Ashwellians out there who are organising an event please email me with information or the one above if preferred.

A few art classes today all ready prepared for so I think I'll be writing a paper with the working title: How many Bonio's does a dog need each day?

Have a fun filled day folks!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Clairefest, Kill Bill and the yellow Penguins

Morning folks!

Feeling a bit crappy today, otherwise I would have shouted ANYONE FOR COFFEE!

Instead I'm going to type up my book, that's if I can find the book I wrote it in d'oh.

I was slightly upset about Ryan Dunn, drinking and driving is never such a good idea. RIP Mr Jackass.

I'm also slightly concerned about my new penguin suit. It seems to be rather on the yellow side.. .

Fortunately Cecile Clais-Burns is going to dress up too :D

So don't forget Kill Bill,,

are playing live at Clairefest,,

on 3rd September 2011, so get your tickets online at a very reasonable price.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Jabs, Radio and a penguin

First up, I'm going to dress up as a penguin for Kill Bill The Band at Clairefest! Just don't ask me why.

I've spent the afternoon drawing Winnie The Pooh's mates ready for teaching drawing and painting classes tonight :S Piglet, Eeyore and Winnie are now my best friends too!

I've booked myself in for a couple of jabs/vaccinations for our trip to the Nile for 10am next Monday. I can't remember the last time I had any but I'm going for Tetanus triple thingy and Hepatitis B.

I've also found myself a book to read for the holiday, Blind Faith by Ben Elton. I hope Ben turns out to be a good traveling companion.

Now where am I going to find myself a penguin suit....?