Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Bees, Penguins and Bonios

Feeling better today, the lurgy has left me!

Kill Bill rehearsals are said to be buzzing with the 3 new covers they're performing for the first time at Clairefest, I've asked them not to kill any bees.

There will be a best dressed Kill Bill penguin competition at Clairefest. I love fancy dress but I can't seem to find a costume that fits me *scratches head*.

Tomorrow I'm going to post a What's On Guide for Ashwell, so if there are Ashwellians out there who are organising an event please email me with information or the one above if preferred.

A few art classes today all ready prepared for so I think I'll be writing a paper with the working title: How many Bonio's does a dog need each day?

Have a fun filled day folks!

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