Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Small child in road traffic accident

The good news is Roger is back on the road! My cute little mini had a bad attack on subframe blues but my hero Mutley decided to spend some money and have him mended.

The bad news is I am still waiting for the pay out from the road traffic accident I had a year ago when I hurt my neck and my car was written off. I can't believe how long the government takes to deal with these issues.

Admittedly the other driver did a runner because he hadn't got any insurance and he didn't own the car, they are still trying to locate him.

I am still helping out at the local primary school teaching the 5, 8 and 9 year olds and it is great fun! I'm still trying to get to the bottom of the stories about a Roman Path across the Orwell Estuary in Suffolk, which I have been reporting on BBC Radio Suffolk.

My next step is to set up a pottery or get involved in the old local pottery here called Seven Springs. I have lots of ideas to create some new ceramics, so I'm excited about getting my hands dirty again.

The new home is great. We love the garden although the cold wet weather is now with us. We have three sheds would you believe, two are old outside toilets, without the toilets of course!

The street is quiet and close to the school. So quiet people walk up and down the middle of the road. This I realise is misleading as when a car does come along they go fast.

Only last week a small child was knocked down outside our house.

He was knocked down by a van on the way home from school, we heard the scream from his mother who picked him up and held him. He was unconscious apparently.

The ambulance and police arrived and I went out to investigate only to find his painting and cardboard 'sculpture' abandoned between our cars. Then I heard the sound of the air ambulance above.

As it landed in the field a couple of streets away people came out to see what was going on. I could see the little boy was ok in the back of the ambulance lying on his mother but looking around to see what the fuss was all about!

The doctor from the helicopter checked him out and left. Mutley and I went to watch the helicopter take off out of a huge bed of nettles! So dramatic..the noise was deafening.

The man in van was being sorted out by the police. If he was going the speed limit and the little boy ran out between the cars, what chance did the driver have?

I haven't heard anymore because it is half term. I took the painting and sculpture up to school afterwards so at least he will have them when he has fully recovered.


Stephanie Faris said...

Oh wow...he didn't have insurance? I was hit by an uninsured driver once...luckily the only damage was to my car. He tried to hit and run but I did something stupid -- I stood in front of his car to stop him. I was young and not thinking, I guess. He stayed until the police got there but at that time they didn't do anything if you were uninsured. Now they give you a ticket and you just have to show up in court to prove you have it. They get it for court and drop it again, usually. In Philadelphia, they impound your car and won't let you drive it until you prove you have insurance. THAT is how it should be.

Tracy said...

That poor mum! It's terrifying when a little one gets hurt like that. Last year, I slid on ice and hit a tree (uninsured, of course :) with my 6 year old in the back seat. He had taken off the shoulder strap of his seat belt and hit his head on the back of the driver's seat. He wasn't lucid and there was blood everywhere. Scariest moment of my life, but thankfully he ended up being okay.

Beth Dunn said...

Oh gosh that is a shame. I hope it all works out. Hope they resolve your issue soon. xoxo

Wend's Place said...

Stephanie~wow that was brave..to stand in front to stop the car. Yes there are new laws here but being able to enforce them is quite another matter.

Tracey~that sounds nasty crash you are rendered useless when a car hits ice and trees they're always in the way!! Glad both survived.

Beth~I don't think it will be any time soon!! I am selling Roger to raise some cash because there are no jobs going here either!