Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Oh no you are joking?

Roger failed his MOT.

Not only did he fail it, his bottom is dropping out! Rust rust rust, corrosion in the sub frame. Now he has only done 29,000 miles and he looks like this.

me and Roger

So we were surprised! To say the least.

Mutley has decided to mend him though. He gave the garage a spending limit. They are going to weld his sub frame back together.

We will then have to sell him. Roger will be ok for a couple of years if not longer.

I will go for something more sensibler like this:

the kit car Pictures, Images and Photos

Well in my dreams anyway!

I was sad to hear about Patrick Swayze. Dirty Dancing is an excellent movie and Ghost is even better. According to 'Sam' you take the love with you. I hope this is true. Bu hu.


Tabitha Bird said...

Oh yes, I like the sensible car :)

CountessLaurie said...

Sorry to hear about Roger! Good luck on the red one, she's a beauty...

Also, thanks for visiting Laurieville and congrats on your cottage. I will be back to see pictures!

Stephanie Faris said...

Once you've loved someone, you're in their hearts for the rest of their lives. I believe that.

Sorry about your car. I'm assuming MOT is like our auto emissions testing to determine that our cars are safe for the environment?

Wend's Place said...

Tabitha ~ I like the 'sensible' car too but it may take more upkeep than the Mini!

Laurie ~ I will post pics of the cottage when we have unpacked...all this stuff we are packing lol (where does it all come from?!)

Steph ~ Ministry of Transport (UK) test your car every year to make sure it is road worthy in general but there is the emissions test within this test!