Tuesday, 1 September 2009

A fracka with the neighbours and a bike in the hallway

What a lovely Bank Holiday weekend we had!

Saturday was spent sorting Roger's rust out. Only a couple of patches under his arm pits!


Here we are! This was taken at Bedfordshire Classic Car Show a couple of months ago.

On Sunday we went to Knebworth Classic Car Show again with the Dinky Devils Car Club. Our friends Carolynn and Dave are brilliant but we just find the show's a bit repetitive and boring, not to mention cold and windy.

We went without coats as the weather was fine and sunny in the morning, but as the day wore on it got colder and by 10am I was beginning to feel bone cold. Luckily there was a secondhand clothing stall there and I spotted this lovely sheepskin coat.

I thought it is bound to be expensive and I was even sadder when I tried it on and I couldn't do the buttons up! I asked how much and the man waved 5 fingers in the air.

I looked at him and said £5 in disbelief..he said YES! So we bought it. It kept my back and butt warm all day!

As it started to drizzle we left.

Yesterday started badly with the usual noisy neighbour problem. The flat above us has laid a wooden floor and they have two small children.

It actually sounds like we live below a herd of elephants and sometimes there must be half a dozen people stampeding overhead. The children like to bounce their ball first thing in the morning and this usually wakes Mutley up when he is trying to catch up on his sleep at the weekends.

We also bought a new bicycle on Saturday and this neighbour is part of the residents committee and when my partner bumped into him on Monday he asked us to stop leaving our bikes in the huge stairwell of the flats.

So the new bike is currently sat in the hallway of the flat. We have bought a tub of flowers to put in the garden and have attached a chain to it so that we can secure the bikes to it.

Mutley took great pleasure in telling our noisy neighbour about the noise his children make on the wooden floor that he has so selfishly put down upstairs and how we had put in an official complaint about it.

Needless to say we are looking for a new home! We had been anyway but now we are seeing a cottage in the village on Friday. So fingers crossed that we get it..


Chief said...

Wonderful! Good luck on the house hunt!

Stephanie Faris said...

I didn't know you were into classic cars! I love that car you're posing in front of. What fun. I'll keep my fingers crossed on your home hunt.

Lazy Writer said...

Good luck with getting the house!

Caroline said...

That car is absolutely adorable! Hope you find a house soon!

Bloggin Betty said...

Can you FedEx that car across the pond for me? Thanks!

Wend's Place said...


I love Roger too!! He is cute.

Many thanks to you all for the lovely comments.