Sunday, 6 September 2009

Katie Price versus Arab women or should that be the other way around?

Last night Mutley said:

"Some Arab women wear the veils because many want to protect other women by not attracting their husbands and luring them away from them".

How arrogant is this?! I would never assume that I can attract a man away from another women although I know it happens.

I immediately asked him: "Why should women take the responsibility of men not being able to control their sexual desire for other women?"

This is also why arab men have more than one wife I expect. It all got me wandering whether arab men have a greater sex drive to western men and that is why their women have to walk around in public looking like bag women rather than showing off their beauty or ugliness respectively.

Are men animals or humans? If what Mutley say's is true then it sounds to me like they are animals! Unable to control themselves in public.

Maybe all arab women need to take a self defence class or become experts in martial arts to protect themselves from male advances.

But it also raises my awareness of how Arab women behave differently towards each other. Can you imagine a women in the West saying well I won't lure a man I love away form his wife, partner, girlfriend because I respect her to much.

Maybe women in the West don't respect each other as much as women in the East or maybe that is the difference between freedom and non freedom or just different religion or no religion at all.

Blaming women for rapes that take place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where they are imprisoned or stoned to death is completely unfair in my opinion. It is obvious that men blame women for they sexuality and the power it has over them.

Just because men don't like the power women have over them, doesn't mean women need to stop using their power to get what they need.

It be could be the case that Arab men have a low sense of self esteem and fear losing their women to other men. This is common in the west too.

I reckon that both women and men in the west sometimes encourage their husbands, partners, lovers to dress down so that they aren't able to attractive to the opposite sex.

I also believe that this is one of the main reasons why there a so many divorces and violence between the sexes. Jealousy is a very ugly emotion and often isn't controlled by men or women.

My mind soon started to compare the two 'world's', East and West. In the West we have Katie Price aka Jordan (irony of that name)I believe she uses her sexuality as a business to bring in million's of pounds.

This not only gives a woman with limited intelligence great wealth but power as a role model too.

Look at the jealousy and manipulation raging between her and Pete Andre during their split and the tit-for-tat revenge. Do the Arab nations deal with this is in a better way or a worse way by controlling how women use their sexuality?

Can you imagine throwing Jordan in jail for flashing her boobs at Piers Morgan television programme or can you imagine an Arab woman doing this on television? How insulted would you be?

As usual these are my opinions and ideas and not those of anyone I work for or with.


Jessica said...

Huh. Interesting post. I don't know who those people are but their actions are familiar. Still, I completely disagree that a woman can be blamed for a man's succumbing to her sexuality. A man is just as responsible for adultery as a woman. I feel bad for those women. I also agree though, that there is probably less respect in the west for each other. Of course, in the east the men don't respect the women, or they'd give them freedom to choose their own clothes. Heh.
There's so much to say about this, lol, that I won't take up all the comment space.
Great, thought-provoking post. :-)

Stephanie Faris said...

UGH. It always makes me so mad to see men attack women who dress certain ways. In fact, I went to sexual harassment training and it was actually IN THE MANUAL that a woman who dresses a certain way can be held responsible for sexual harassment or creating a "hostile work environment." Say what??? Now, I understand dress codes and a need for professionalism, but it just seems a stretch to say she's sexually harassing others by her dress. It amazed me on MySpace to see certain men who were trying to make a name for themselves as players, saying that women who dress a certain way are 'sluts' and deserve what they get. We all have control for our own actions.