Saturday, 5 September 2009

A new home or kennel for Mutley!!

We went to view this cottage yesterday afternoon. It has a fab kitchen, bathroom and garden and a kennel I mean shed for Mutley!!

Only kidding of course but Mutley does like to behave like a dog! We usually treat dogs like humans I know but this is a reversal that Mutley is proud of.

Mutley loves to make things from wood and he intends to use the shed for his lathe.

At this minute Mutley is fast asleep on the sofa after being woken at 6am this morning from the children playing on the wooden floor in the flat above us. We first complained to the agency 6 weeks ago but they have done very little to sort out the problem.

We first saw this cottage last weekend and thought it had potential and although the bedrooms are small they have lovely sash windows, that probably rattle in the wind lol as they aren't double glazed!

Anyway we are both excited now because we have completed the paperwork and paid a deposit this morning. The references are being sorted next week.

As I type the kids upstairs are bouncing a ball on the floor. This family is so selfish and have no idea how their noisy behaviour is disturbing our peace.

Anyway we have handed in our notice and hope to be signed off within the next 6 weeks. We move in to the new place in two weeks.

We have no choice on the overlap because of the contract we signed for this flat. It stipulated that we could only hand our notice in for a month on the day we pay our rent, how unreasonable is that?

We should have complained about this at the time before we signed the agreement. Oh well we will learn the hard way but we aren't going to let this get in the way of a fab new home.


Chief said...

It sounds wonderful! I am so excited for you to get away from the kids upstairs!

Stephanie Faris said...

How exciting! Yes, when I bought my house I had to break my apartment lease. It sucked, but I was so excited about getting into a house, I didn't mind.