Friday, 14 August 2009

Blackpool un-illuminating

Mutley hates Blackpool, particularly the pleasure beach. I can see why with it's shabby shop fronts and dodgy hotels.

I suppose you could say I was just curious. Curiosity does kill the cat though!

I dragged Mutley to Lytham St Annes first which was pleasant enough. We had a lovely time wading out to sea. It was shallow water for about half a mile.


Blackpool looked quite pleasant from out at sea, you can see it just behind me on the skyline.

We also saw three Apache helicopters flying along the bay, which fortunately made Mutleys day. We photographed them and they came out like dots against the sky.

As we drove into Blackpool we saw the lights unlit as it was daytime. I couldn't force Mutley to come back at night time just to see the place lit up, I'm not quite that cruel.


The Blackpool Tower is rather good though and we would have gone up if it hadn't been for the price, £12 each. Same with the trams, I would loved to have got on one of the old ones but the price was steep at £6 each!

Then of course there are the horse drawn carriages. Fortunately for Mutley they don't interest me because of my fun with horses in the past.


The new promenade, predominantly concrete, actually was clean and ascetic to the eye. The three piers though are the ultimate eye sore in my opinion.


The roller coaster is huge and the wheel small but adds a strange traditionalness to the middle pier. My favourite bit is the trams, one of a few cities in the UK to have trams, and the sea of course. The sea makes up for a lot.


I suppose I came back to Blackpool for another reason besides curiosity. The first time I was here was with my Mum and the only time as a child I remember being on the beach with her.

My parents were farmers in the Midlands and we rarely saw the seaside as kids but had great time in the country instead.

The only reason I remember the first experience at 3 is because I got lost on the beach, apparently I was off doing my own thing!


Stephanie Faris said...

We visited Germany when I was six and even at that age I was stunned to see all the nude people laying around on the beach. My mom said she took me and my sister to the beach and turned around and I'd taken my swimsuit off and was running around buck naked!

storyqueen said...

I always wondered what Blackpool looked like, having heard about it cool to see it! Thanks, Wend!