Thursday, 20 August 2009

I am being crowned again today!

Oh drat and double drat!!

While out yesterday I took some hard boiled sweets with me to keep me going. The first one I suck was very sticky and maybe a little on the old side!

It in advertently stuck to one of my metal crowns, yes we are poor we can't afford the enamel ones, and pulled it right off my gum. Fortunately I didn't chew any further or swallow and I was able to save the crown itself.

This afternoon I am going to the dentist to have it stuck back on! You can only do this if it is whole and as it saves £200 then I am happy for the dentist to play around with the superglue in my mouth!

I can't understand how the crown is made of something that sticks to food in the first place. I would have thought that with all the fab techno around there would not have to make a cheap crown from something that sticks to sticky sweets like flies to a flypaper.

Have you any teeth stories? How do you like going to the dentist?


Caroline said...

Oh, OUCH!!!! Glad they are going to be able to fix it! (I'm broke, too, and have lots of dental work to have done, but the positive thing, now, is that I think most dentists no longer USE the metal and opt for the enamel, instead, which actually might be cheaper than the metal anyway!

Stephanie Faris said...

I've always wondered that too. Metal fillings are supposedly bad for us...carcinogens or something? So if he can replace it with enamel, that's a good thing.

Clippy Mat said...

hate going to the dentist. it's a necessary evil i suppose. where would we be without them?

Chief said...

36 and not a single cavity. I have no experience what so ever. I'm not even sure what a crown is?

I thank my mother often for her gentics

Chief said...

genetics...damn spell check