Tuesday, 25 August 2009

I feel kind of strange today..

I hope I'm not pregnant!

But then again I would quite like to have a kid if it didn't mean losing my freedom at the same time. They are such cute little things aren't they children.

I worry about the fact that the planet is running out of natural resources and the ever growing mountain of rubbish in the tips. What sort of future is a child going to get in such a material world as this one?

All the material goods are now made in China and the money we spend in the high street stores goes to lining the pockets of the Chinese government who in turn are lending it back to the USA and the UK.

So what happens when we can't pay it back, I hear myself asking. I can just imagine the Chinese taking control and we all learn to speak Mandarin or whatever it is they speak. Communism at it's very best is taking over the planet because they don't need to pay their 'employees' very much money.

What a state of affairs! I actually pity any child born in this generation, I do hope I'm not pregnant!


Stephanie Faris said...

I think there are plenty of children born to families that aren't quite equipped to raise them. Someone like you, who has a moral conscience and is a responsible person, would make a great parent and I wish MORE of the people getting pregnant every year were like you. It's important for more children to be born into homes where they are raised to be conscious of all of these things that affect our planet and our future.

Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you are. If that's what you want!

Wend's Place said...

Thank you Stephanie! This gives me so much encouragement..

Awareness and consciousness are so lacking in the world today.

storyqueen said...

If you do happen to be pregnant, maybe your child will be one who is a part of the solution, rather than a part of the problem:)!


Tabitha Bird said...

I very much hope I am raising little ones who will be apart of the greater solution in years to come. And I agree with Steph, those people like yourself who care would make great parents. Just the sort of homes the next generation need to be raised in.

Thanks for visiting my blog:) I joined up to follow yours and have enjoyed your post:)

Wend's Place said...
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Wend's Place said...

Shelley - thank you for those positive words and the compliment!! I am sure a solution will come to light when it is needed, there is so many technological advances they are sure to find one.

Tabitha - Thanks for the positive comment and it sounds like you are bringing your kids up to be positive and happy and that will help them to overcome any situation thrown at them.