Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The redemption of a drunken man and his bicycle

The first thing Mutley said to me when he got in from work last night was "My legs ache"(!) I laughed out loud and told him it served him right.

I said: "You told me you were only going to Bluegates Farm"!! He said he had changed his mind after checking to see if the Damsons were ripe he decided to head off to the next village three miles away.

He also commented that it was a lot further than he thought! And I thought especially when you are drunk riding a bike.

I told him I was furious over the 'mother' comment after all I had offered to pick him and the bike up when he had finished at the pub. He said it didn't sound like I was offering that service!

Is it men or just Mutley who don't listen when they are drunk! I reckon he is so accustomed to getting a bollocking from mother or wife he just expected that from me too.

After all this is the man who can circumnavigate London's underground rail network whilst drunk without getting on the wrong train! He has also been known to call in at the local pub before returning home, to get more drunk and not even remember it.

He said it was better to let him cycle all the way back from Mordon, but I don't expect him to change, not much anyway!!!

Consequently he didn't go anywhere on the bike last night and I told him he couldn't drive it ever again whilst drunk. Besides it defeats the object of losing weight by cycling, when you stop for a pint on route!

What do you think, have you ever had a drunken boyfriend, partner or spouse?


Stephanie Faris said...

I dated a guy briefly whom I really liked. We went out about a month. For the first couple of weeks things were great. Then one Sat. night he invited me out to a hockey game for work. Afterward he wanted to stay downtown with all his clients (CLIENTS!) where he proceeded to take us bar-hopping and drink. And drink. And DRINK. At the end of it he was so drunk he called up this cab driver who is a regular driver of his when going downtown and got us a ride home. He was sick and hungover the entire next day. After that, he started canceling dates and flaking out a lot and I finally realized EVERY Sat. night he went downtown and did this and every Sunday he was recovering. He was having a lot of problems at work despite the fact that he worked all the time (supposedly) and he talked about alcohol a lot.

I'm not saying he was an alcoholic but that sure sounded like a drinking problem.

There are definite telltale signs of an alcoholic. I work with a man I believe is...one thing is, his skin always has a reddish hue to it. Especially his nose. He once told me he and his wife keep alcohol in the car to mix a drink on the drive home from work every day. He functions as an alcoholic...he's kept a job and you wouldn't really know it unless you listened to him talk about it. I've traveled with him so I saw it. I think there are far more people who just can't control themselves with alcohol.

Chief said...

I am sorry, I haven't dealt with this in a relationship. I did have a father who had a problem with alcohol. I don't know how I would handle it.

Good luck!

Wend's Place said...


Chief - that sounded a bit strange 'a' father but I understand how we can have more than one?! My partner has two :) I see that as a positive cos I haven't got one now!

Steph - thanks that is so funny!

I think when the alcohol becomes more important than me I will leave :)

Chief said...

yeah I had two and now that you mention it...both of them had drinking problems at one time or another....hmmmm food for thought

Wend's Place said...


Another friend of mine just commented to me that she thinks my partner Mutley sounds ace fun!!! Well he is and caring too, life is always interesting..