Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Mini or pushbike?

My dearly beloved re-charged Roger's battery overnight, what a sweetheart Mutley is. Now I just need to find out what it was that flattened it again in the first place.

It could just be cream crackered and I will have to buy a new battery. I seriously thought about selling Roger yesterday and looked at the cost of advertising on Mini World.

I have been looking at a mountain bike in the local shop and I think it would be one up on the roller skate!!!

Today I am going out to find the man who hit me in a car last October. If I can find the address he gave me I might be able to get a photograph of him.

It seems that the MIB (Motor Insurance Bureau) can't find him, or don't want to. That is my first stop today, then I am going to buy a new gold chain to replace the one I broke on holiday.

I will get around to blogging about my holiday real soon!


Stephanie Faris said...

Be careful tracking him down. I was once hit by an uninsured motorist and it amazed me that the insurance company didn't pursue it. They said it cost more to litigate than to just pay it...of course, that meant my insurance rates would go up if I had another accident within a certain amount of time.

Lazy Writer said...

Good luck finding the guy! Let us know how it turns out.