Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Considering I was driving a car that's battery keeps failing it and the petrol tank is on empty, it wasn't a swell idea to go out tracking this man who hit me in my car. Especially as he had at first given me false details, he didn't have any insurance to drive the car and he drove off and left me at the scene.

I decided to take the scenic route, which was shorter than the motorway. Halfway there I found that Walken was closed, well the road through it was. I couldn't believe it.

I had to take a huge diversion almost to Ware before I could turn back towards Stevenage. It took me ages, a kind of procrastination maybe.

I certainly started to become nervous as I reached the town, but I soon realised that I wasn't going to be able to find the place from this direction. So I bottled out and went into town to change my Euros leftover from my holiday instead.

I parked in Tesco car park which was jam packed as usual because it is free (like almost everything else in there!! Only kidding) I wandered around the shopping centre looking at exchange rates and in the end plumped for 85p for each Euro.

I then took the money back to a tiny jewellery discount store where the real gold chains were incredibly cheap but beautiful and bought the Singapore link, an 18 inch one. It looks perfect with the amethyst my brother gave me.

I also bought a white blouse. Irronically this blouse was the same as the one I bought for interviews about 5 years ago in another shop and much cheaper. Job done I thought returning to the car proudly wearing the necklace.

As I got into Roger my first challenge was to beat the immobiliser and I have learnt that as soon as I shut the door I have to press the remote towards the flashing light. This is the only way otherwise I can sit there for half an hour trying to turn it off.

I turned the key with bated breath. Yes! He started. Relief!

Now I drove towards Walken from the town knowing that the road I needed was in that direction. I pulled down into the group of houses where the address he gave me was suppose to be.

47-90, 90-140 and where are 1-47 I thought. I drove around for a while and then I came across them (not where google earth said they were). My heart began to beat as I drove by once eyeing the place up.

There wasn't a number on the door but the one after it was 33, and the next 34 and so on. Outside on the drive was a Corsa but not the one that he was driving on the day of the accident.

No he had returned the keys to the owner that day after he had more or less written it off. There was also a taxi cab on the driveway and another parked outside.

I realised that maybe he is a taxi driver and he has commercial insurance which doesn't cover him to drive another car. This would also be why he was desparate not to lose his license if it was his way of life.

Anyhow I parked Roger up the next road from the house wondering what to do next. I couldn't see any activity there and thought it could be hours before he made a move to go to work.

Have the police ever knocked on his door or are they to busy catching speeding motorists I thought! At least I had found the address he had given me, it did at least exist.

I took the cab numbers off the cars and then drove home. I took a look at when I got home but according to that his name doesn't exist.

He must have given me a fake name too.


Stephanie Faris said...

Of course! But it's so dangerous. I'm concerned for your safety, trying to track someone like that down. Maybe it's different where you are but here in the U.S., especially in the South, people like that are likely to come out on their front porches with a shotgun pointed at you.

Sabrina said...

You are quite the detective!! How brave! Just be careful for the crazy people out there! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

Lazy Writer said...

What a great detective you are! I agree with Stephanie and Sabrina, though. Please be careful!

Wend's Place said...

Aww thank you all for your concern. The address here is in the middle of nice surburban town. They don't have guns but I have been careful he didn't see me..but I did want to see him so I could take a photo lol I always wanted to be a detective lol

I am going on a trip now and won't beable to write or investigate further till next week. See you then x