Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Horses, ponies and me

I am completely poopt after going down the stables this morning! My friend Joy had to go and muck out so I went with her and two girls who wanted to ride.

I ended up leading this pony the girls wanted to ride while they rode. It only got naughty when you tried to get on, so I suggested that they put it in a corner of the yard so it couldn't turn around.

I remember my first pony Crackers (!) turned around and around and then nipped my butt when I launched myself into the saddle!! I had to use the whip to keep him off!

I don't personally like whips but just to ward a horse off with isn't so terrible.

I also managed to get kicked by one of the girls as she dismounted OUCH! It was fun to be involved with horses again albeit only briefly.

I need a rest now after walked up and down the road and then the field!! I hope to go again at some point as it really built my confidence, there is something else I know about other than writing and that's great!


Chief said...

My only horse experience ended badly. I was forced onto a an ornery shetlan and will never be able to look another horse in the eyes again!

Stephanie Faris said...

I could have used that when I was working on my manuscript set on a ranch. I realized about halfway through that I have NO clue about that life since I've had very little exposure to it. But it's always fascinated me, I think because it's so drastically different from mine.

Wend's Place said...


Chief - you have to persevere with the lil buggers !! They need bossing around, unlike men of course! ;)

Steph - I was just wondering how I could incorporate my horsey knowledge into a book! It is so much easier to write about what you know and are good at! But then the fresh perspective of an outsider can find something exciting no one else has written about.

Bloggin Betty said...

It's true...Chief never did ride a horse again. Though it is something I would really, really like to see. Like, I would pay money. Lots of money. And I'm cheap (as Chief would say).