Friday, 21 August 2009

No more sweets for me

I drove to the dentist and I was so nervous I forgot the crown! I hadn't gone that far before I had that feeling, you know the one when you've forgotten something. I went back to retrieve it from on top of the PC storage thingy!

When I walked into the surgery the dentist just said: "Have you got something for me?" On first examination she thought that it wouldn't be possible to stick the crown back on the remnants of my tooth but when I said I was broke she said she would give it a try.

I hope that these metal crowns aren't bad for me though! According to Steph's comment in my last blog! Today in her blog she is talking about what you would do if you had a billion dollars

Steph's blog

I would have my whole mouth furnished with enamel teeth!!

I also hope that they will start and replacing the metal variety with the proper enamel variety on the NHS real soon. Otherwise we have to pay hundreds of pounds for an enamel crown here in the UK.

I have sworn to Mutley never to eat another sweet...I don't want that to include chocolate though!! Although I have damaged my teeth on chocolate before now too! This is one area it seems where I fail to learn.

Only a few months ago I was eating a fruit salad and it pulled a huge filling out and I had to have a crown fitted! The fruit salad turned out to cost around £200!

My mother has similar issues with teeth and it is surprising how genetics play a huge part in what we inherit. Only yesterday (doh) she went to the dentist, after having a filling last week that started to hurt, to be told she had a abcess underneath it ugh.

She had to have the tooth that was already filled removed, in all this cost her over £200 and the filling turned out to be a waste of money. She has never had a crown instead she has a plate of false teeth, which I could never entertain.

So my future on the teeth front doesn't look overly rosy does it?! Has anyone in the US ever had false teeth rather than crowns?


Stephanie Faris said...

Glad you were able to get it replaced. As for the cancer thing, they also say that about microwaves and cell phones. I know healthy teeth have some connection to overall health and that is where the metal thing comes from. But they advise against people removing the old fillings and replacing them with enamel because the fillings are better off staying once they're in?

All of this came from a good friend of mine who had cancer and found out at stage 4. He was desperately trying everything he could to beat it and went to all these holistic doctors. They fed him with this stuff. He didn't even want us using the microwave when he was around because he was sure it was zapping cancer-causing radiation into all our bodies. They say reusing water bottles, eating certain foods, drinking certain things -- heck, even breathing the air causes cancer, when the truth is they just don't know.

Wend's Place said...

Oki that's a little more reassuring lol

I don't have a microwave but I expect lots of people use them without developing cancer. Like I expect lots of folk have metal fillings and crowns and never get cancer.

I would definitely spend a billion dollars on new teeth though :D